Swedish Massage- 1 Hour $85      1 1/2 Hours $120      2 Hours $160

 Swedish Massage is a incredible and relaxing form of bodywork.  Experience your tensions, stress and anxieties being gently lulled away. A combination of strokes such as effleurage, kneading and friction will help increase circulation within your body.  This will aid in bringing fresh blood and oxygen flow into your muscles and increase the toxins going out.  This is a very popular massage that will leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.


Deep TissueMassage- 1 Hour $85      1 1/2 Hours $120      2 Hours $160

Deep Tissue Massage is a modality that focus on working to get to the deeper layer of muscle tissues.   The pressure is deeper and can be more intense.  Different techniques are used to work through the layers of muscle.   This type of massage is geared towards those who have chronic muscle tightness, pain and tension.   Deep tissue massage also is a favorite among athletes and those with large muscle mass.  


Neuromuscular Massage-1 Hour-$85      1 1/2 Hours $120.00      2 Hours $160

Neuromuscular Massage focuses on a specific problematic muscle or muscle groups.  It is beneficial when recovering from acute or chronic pain.  When you suffer from a back spasm, a neck that's locked up, sciatic pain or have a decrease in your normal range of motion this type of massage is great.  The goal is to help release muscle spasms and trigger points.  Trigger points can refer and radiate pain to other areas of the body causing widespread pain.  However, this type of massage is great relief for those suffering this type of pain.


Aromatherapy -$15 

Concentrated extracted pure plant, herb, flowers and fruit oils revered for their fragrance are known as essential oils.  They can be added to your massage therapy session to enhance your health and well being.‚Äč

Salt or Sugar Scrub-$25 

How often do you give your feet special attention?  They take you everywhere you need to go now give them some rest and relaxation.  Revive tired and aching feet today with this delightful scrub that's a invigorating treat for your feet.

Hot Stone-$30 

The gliding and stroking of heated basalt stones to your muscles provide a deeper layer of relaxation to your muscles and calming to your mind.   This aids in improving circulation and reducing muscle stiffness.