*Massage is not a replacement for regular medical care.  If you have a medical condition and are unsure whether massage therapy would be appropriate for you, discuss your concerns with your health care provider.*

Benefits  of Massage

Massage is an age old art that has been around for centuries.  Massage Therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues to enhance health and wellbeing.  Massage increases blood circulation which provides nourishment to the muscles and tissues within the body.  This process brings energy producing nutrients and oxygen to your cells as well as carries away metabolic waste products that can make you feel lethargic and drained.  Other benefits of massage therapy can be seen below.


  • Decreased Pain

  • Relieves Muscle Tension

  • Stretches and Broadens tissues

  • Helps restore flexibility and Range of Motion

  • Reduces Ischemia

  • Releases Endorphins (natural pain killer)

  • Enhances Relaxation

  • Decreases stress, anxiety and depression

  • Improves Sleep

  • Helps with posture and more